Community responds to councillor’s motion to rezone WPG without consultation

On Thursday December 7, 2017 a motion was posted to the City of Vancouver’s website, to be considered at the following Council meeting Tuesday December 12, 2017. This motion was proposed by one NPA Councillor, based on his personal opinion, to rezone a large portion of West Point Grey to 6 storey apartments without any public consultation process.

The West Point Grey Residents Association responded by sending a letter to City of Vancouver Council on Friday December 8, 2017 as shown below, that states our position in opposition.

In addition, the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods, representing 28 neighbourhood groups of which WPGRA is a member, also wrote a letter in opposition.



Council Meeting Agenda December 12, 2017:


Motion B2 – West Point Grey rezoning proposal to 6 storey rentals

Mover: Councillor Hector Bremner (NPA)


Councillor Melissa De Genova (NPA) seconded the motion. All four NPA councillors spoke in favour.

However, the motion was defeated by a referral back to staff approved by all Vision Councillors, Mayor and Green Councillor Adriane Carr.


Have your say! Jericho Lands Survey

Redevelopment of the Jericho Lands, which are an integral part of the West Point Grey (WPG) neighbourhood, has the potential to transform the local community. A City of Vancouver planning process for both provincial and federal portions (as shown below) is expected to get underway in coming months. Consistent with the WPG Community Vision, approved by the City of Vancouver in 2010, local residents need to give early input to guide the Jericho Lands planning process. The following survey is intended to help the West Point Grey Residents Association (WPGRA) represent local perspectives.

JerichoLands-plan-colour-crop2The Jericho Lands are shown outlined in white above. Both the provincial side (on the left) and the federal side (on the right) are under consideration for development planning.

Download Survey Form Here 

Please note this is a file you can fill out on your computer. (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Some browsers will display the file on your screen, but won’t let you fill it out.  If this is the case for you then:

  1. Download the file to your computer and then open it with Adobe Reader
  2. When complete, save a copy and email it to us at info@wpgra.ca.


Survey Clarification:
Question 3. Types of Dwellings for Jericho Lands
For descriptions of housing types continue here.