Tower @ Alma & Broadway – Public Hearing Tues. Oct. 27, 2020 at 6 pm

The rezoning application has only changed from the left to the right. Nothing meaningful.

The public hearing for the tower at Alma & Broadway is Tues. Oct. 27 at 6 pm.              This is when Council decides whether to approve this project. Action is required now!

Write to Council –                                                                                                               Anytime before the public hearing, earlier is better so Councillors read it.                      Even one line saying you are opposed would do, numbers matter.                              For reference on suggested points see below or the WPGRA letter HERE

Note: Even if you sent an email previously on this project, it must be resent specifically for the public hearing now or it won’t be counted by the city.

Re: CD-1 Rezoning: 3701-3743 West Broadway at Alma St.

I oppose this proposed rezoning application for a 14 storey tower.

The current rezoning application of 172 ft., 14 storeys, and 5.3 FSR is not appropriate for this site. Instead, the previous 2015 rezoning application (that is now on hold) for 100 % secured rental housing in a 6 storey building on this site should be reconsidered HERE.

  • doesn’t meet MIRHPP requirements for neighbourhood context or policy direction;
  • grossly oversized building form that is too large in height and FSR;
  • 161 is too many units without enough parking at only 27 spaces;
  • poor design that is out of context with neighbourhood character;
  • in conflict with the West Point Grey Community Vision;
  • sets a huge precedent while other adjacent planning is in process such as the Jericho Lands and during the Interim Rezoning Policy for WPG and Kitsilano;
  • major precedent for the area of WPG and Kitsilano;
  • public feedback not reflected in only minor revisions;
  • the previous 6 storey rental application was a better fit for the site and neighbourhood;
  • the developer makes windfall profits on 14 storeys that is not justified or appropriate.

Email To: publichearing@vancouver.ca, kennedy.stewart@vancouver.ca adriane.carr@vancouver.ca, melissa.degenova@vancouver.ca, lisa.dominato@vancouver.ca, pete.fry@vancouver.ca,  colleen.hardwick@vancouver.ca, CLRkirby-yung@vancouver.ca,  jean.swanson@vancouver.ca, michael.wiebe@vancouver.ca,  rebecca.bligh@vancouver.ca, christine.boyle@vancouver.ca

IMPORTANT – Also submit comments through online form HERE: This is so staff will count and post it online.

Request to speak  HERE – It is easy to phone in and you do not have to speak for the whole 5 minutes. Just say you are opposed is OK and no need to answer any questions.

Sign & Share Petition:  “No Tower @ Alma & Broadway” https://www.change.org/p/city-of-vancouver-officials-no-tower-alma-broadway-8a0720b9-c539-4a06-9f05-012b581f259d

For reference:

  • WPGRA letter HERE.
  • Public Hearing Agenda Oct. 27 HERE
  • Rezoning Report HERE
  • Project Data HERE
  • Rezoning Application City Webpage HERE
  • Previous 6 storey Application (on hold) HERE


Jericho Hostel – Proposed Homeless Shelter

City Council has identified the Jericho Hostel in West Point Grey’s Locarno Beach Park as a potential homeless shelter when it does not meet the Council approved criteria.

Council directed that: “Shelter(s) location(s) consider appropriate proximities of 300 meters to sensitive adjacencies like schools, daycares, parks, playing fields, or community centres;”.

However, Part A3 of the Motion simultaneously identifies the Jericho Hostel as one of two prospective shelters to be “pursued”.

Another valid concern is that there are no services for the homeless in the area. No food, supports, or transit. The homeless legitimately have very high social service needs that are not available.

See the following map that shows the Jericho Hostel clearly doesn’t meet the criteria.

WPGRA letter to Council has links to more information and for reference HERE


Public Hearing: Regulation Redesign Zoning Changes City-wide

The is a major Public Hearing June 25, 2020 at 6 pm.

Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods (CVN) letter HERE for more information.

CityHallWatch Post is HERE

West Point Grey Residents Association sent the following letter to City Council HERE


Electronic Public Hearings During COVID-19 Emergency

On April 14, City Council will consider changes to the meeting schedule that would have Public Hearings proceed during the the COVID-19 pandemic. These would be electronic virtual Public Hearings, the first of their kind, and inconsistent with the requirements under the Vancouver Charter.

WPGRA has sent a letter to Council on the matter here.

The general text in the letter is as follows:

The West Point Grey Residents Association acknowledges the need for special powers to permit the City to respond effectively to the COVID-19 emergency.  We understand that City Council meetings are currently being convened electronically  to enable appropriate physical distancing.  However, in the absence of open and unfettered public participation, as envisioned through the Vancouver Charter, we are concerned that the scope of these meetings could stray too far beyond this emergency.

We draw your attention to the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods’ letter to you dated April 5, 2020 expressing such concerns.   We share these concerns.

CVN letter April 5, 2020https://coalitionvan.org/posts/cvn-letter-5-april-2020/

Regarding the City’s proposal to proceed now with Public Hearings having no connection to the COVID-19 emergency, we urge Council not to approve the Public Hearing date changes as proposed in the April 14 agenda, item 1, for the first electronic Public Hearing to be May 5. Instead, please cancel all Public Hearings until after May 31, or when the Provincial restrictions on public assembly are lifted to allow for full public participation as required under the Vancouver Charter.

Further references:

CityHallWatch: City staff are proposing an immediate shift to ‘electronic’ Public Hearings: Illegal under the Vancouver Charter, opportunistic under COVID-19 emergency. Just say no!

Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods (CVN) Letter dated April 13:         Democracy and remote Public Hearings during COVID-19 emergency


Rental Apartment Zoning City-wide

Comments to City Until April 3, 2020

The City is asking for comments on a new rental rezoning policy for apartment buildings that allows 6 storeys in C2 zones,
5 or 6 storeys on arterials and 4 storeys on side streets.

For WPG that is on:

  • 10th Ave. + adjacent side streets ( Both sides of 9th Ave. – 11th Ave.) 
  • Alma  to Highbury, 4th Ave. to 16th Ave.
  • 16th Ave. Alma St. to Lord Byng Highschool                                                (Both sides of 15th Ave. – 17th Ave.)


Comments to City:

Comments will be received from the city until tomorrow Friday April 3, 2020.

Note: WPGRA has asked for an extension on the deadline for comments to the City past April 3 since the city has yet to answer our questions in our letter as linked below and the challenges of COVID-19, but we encourage people to still send in comments of their concerns and to mention need for extension and answers to WPGRA questions.

a.) Read letter from WPGRA to City here

b.) Documents for open house and comment form rental tenure zoning:  https://vancouver.ca/people-programs/new-measures-to-boost-rental-housing.aspx

c.) Send your comments to the City through the online form in the link above, and

d.)  Send email comments directly to City staff and Council.

To:  Dan Garrison  dan.garrison@vancouver.ca

Cc:  gil.kelley@vancouver.ca ;  graham.anderson@vancouver.ca ;

kennedy.stewart@vancouver.ca;  adriane.carr@vancouver.ca; melissa.degenova@vancouver.ca; lisa.dominato@vancouver.ca; pete.fry@vancouver.ca;  colleen.hardwick@vancouver.ca; CLRkirby-yung@vancouver.ca;  jean.swanson@vancouver.ca; michael.wiebe@vancouver.ca;  rebecca.bligh@vancouver.ca; christine.boyle@vancouver.ca;

Rezoning 3701-3743 West Broadway (at Alma St.)

This rezoning would set a huge precedent for West Point Grey & Kitsilano.

Community Actions Required!

1. Sign the petition: No Tower @ Alma & Broadway

2. Send an email to the City. See Below

3. Donations: Please donate on PayPal Donate button to the right.

(Note: if the petition asks for donations that goes to change.org, not to WPGRA.)

See the WPGRA Letter to City on Alma – Broadway for more information.


The City has received an application to rezone 3701-3743 West Broadway from RS-1 (single family dwelling) and C-2 (Commercial District) to CD-1 (Comprehensive Development) to allow for the development of a 14-storey mixed-use building including:

  • a total of 153 secured rental units (with 20% of the residential floor area assigned to moderate income households);
  • commercial uses at grade;
  • a total floor space ratio (FSR) of 5.3;
  • a total floor area of 11,537.4 sq. m (124,187.5 sq. ft.);
  • a maximum height of 52.63 m (172.7 ft.) (equivalent to 17 storeys)*; and
  • 53 underground parking stalls and 301 bike spaces.

General Concern: The current rezoning application of 172 ft., 14 storeys (effectively equivalent to 17 storeys), and 5.3 FSR is not appropriate for this site. Instead, the previous 2015 rezoning application (that is now on hold) for 100 % secured rental housing in a 6 storey building on this site should be reconsidered.

Recent precedents along West Broadway (e.g. the 6 storey Parthenon building at Balaclava Street) for secured rental developments are a good model for a neighbourly scale and design, with appropriate setbacks for wide sidewalks and outdoor seating.

Send emails to the City: A short email, even if just a line or two, makes a difference.

To:  carly.rosenblat@vancouver.ca; gil.kelley@vancouver.ca

CC: kennedy.stewart@vancouver.ca;  adriane.carr@vancouver.ca; melissa.degenova@vancouver.ca; lisa.dominato@vancouver.ca; pete.fry@vancouver.ca;  colleen.hardwick@vancouver.ca; CLRkirby-yung@vancouver.ca; jean.swanson@vancouver.ca; michael.wiebe@vancouver.ca; rebecca.bligh@vancouver.ca; christine.boyle@vancouver.ca;   ccclerk@vancouver.ca

Re: Rezoning Application 3701-3743 West Broadway (at Alma St.)

Please describe your concerns, that should start with if you are opposed or support the project and any further points. It can be any length from one line to as long as you choose.

See the WPGRA Letter to City on Alma – Broadway for more information.

Thank you.


WPGRA Letter to City Council on Interim Rezoning Policy

for West Point Grey & Kitsilano

Link to letter: WPGRA -Kits-WPG Interim Rezoning Policy-April-23-2019


Meeting Report and Presentations:


West Point Grey Residents’ Association

Community Meeting on the 

Jericho Lands & Subway extension to UBC 


When: Thursday, April 11, 2019 at 7:00 pm

Where: Jericho Hill Gym (4180 West 4th Ave)

Community organized meeting to inform on the issues


  • Deana Grinnell, Vice President Real Estate, Canada Lands Company
  • Zak Bennet, Planner, City of Vancouver
  • Elizabeth Murphy, presenting on Jericho Lands & UBC Subway
  • UBC Professor Patrick Condon, James Taylor Chair in Landscape and Liveable Environments
  • Larry Benge, Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods

Meeting Topics:

  • The city initiated planning process for Jericho Lands is underway.
  • An update on the results of WPGRA survey on Jericho Lands.
  • An update on a proposed subway extension from Arbutus to UBC.
  • City Motion to define Kits & WPG as a transit corridor planning area goes back to council before April 30. Find out how this could result in provincial/TransLink involvement in land use planning in Kits & WPG.



WPGRA sends a letter to Council regarding subway extension to UBC

January 27, 2019

City of Vancouver

Dear Mayor Stewart and Council,

Re: Rapid Transit from Arbutus Street to UBC – Meeting Jan.30, 2019

Report  https://council.vancouver.ca/20190130/documents/pspc1.pdf

Appendix C: https://council.vancouver.ca/20190130/documents/pspc1-AppendixC.pdf

Agenda: Jan. 30, 2019 at 9:30 am – https://council.vancouver.ca/20190130/pspc20190130ag.htm

The West Point Grey Residents Association is opposed to the recommendations in the above reports and requests that Council receive the reports for information purposes only, not as policy.

As outlined in the letter from the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods (CVN), of which we are a member, we do not support the proposed Broadway subway, either to Arbutus or an extension to UBC. The CVN letter is linked below for reference.

In addition to the points made in the CVN letter, we are specifically concerned with the impact that a subway extension to UBC would have on the development in West Point Grey given that our entire neighbourhood would become a frequent transit development area.

This would mean substantial increased tower development at the Jericho Lands, West 10th Avenue, and across West Point Grey. We do not see this as sustainable or necessary to meet growth. It would only support the unaffordability driven by global capital.

The assumptions in the reports regarding ridership, growth projections and level of opposition/support are entirely inaccurate and are not fact-based.

There are more affordable transit options that would allow broader applications across the citywide arterial grid for electric trams and trolleys that would better serve the city at large, rather than putting all the transit funding for the next generation into only one unsustainable subway corridor.

Yours truly,

West Point Grey Residents Association Board of Directors

Reference letter from Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods


PDF: http://coalitionvan.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/CVN-Letter-to-council-Transit-2019-Jan-25-final.pdf


Civic Election 2018
WPG Candidates Meeting Tues. Sept. 25

For mayor and council candidates to answer questions

Location: WPG United Church @ 8th Ave. & Tolmie St.
Tues. Sept. 25 @ 7:00 pm

Please come and bring your neighbours!


Update on Public Hearing for citywide rezoning:

Thank you for sending your letters and speaking to council.

Council passed the rezoning for all RS, Including WPG.
There were 302 letters and +7000 petition opposed.  73 speakers.

They rezoned all RS (single detached) to duplex, allowing up to 4 units per lot. This includes 2 strata duplex units and 2 secondary suites or 2 lock off units (with waived onsite parking requirements). There has been no public consultation process and it undermines all neighbourhood-based planning, including the WPG Community Vision that council approved in 2010.

Sign the petition to save character houses:
If you have not signed already, please sign and pass it on.
Now over 7100 and growing! Need to make this an election issue.

Related Articles

Here are recent related articles in the Vancouver Sun:

Sept.1 –
City’s high housing growth rate making homes less affordable

Aug.4 – Unprecedented zoning rush continues

July 2 – Vision doing ‘chainsaw massacre’ to city zoning without public consent 


BC ‘School Tax’ Surcharge

May 27 WPGRA Town Hall Meeting: Thanks to MLA David Eby, the presenters, moderator, all who attended and the volunteers who made our event a success.

The Jericho Hill Gym was packed to capacity, including the upper balconies, at over 900 in attendance . With the exception of only a few people, the overwhelming opposition to this tax was clear. MLA David Eby committed to taking this message, including the proposed alternatives, back to the government and Minister of Finance, Carol James.

Main points often repeated by attendees:

Most cannot afford this tax.

Many cannot defer.

There are better options from the provincial tax base to cover needed revenue for schools rather than encroaching on the municipal tax base of property taxes.

The presentation by Elizabeth Murphy is here. BC Budget-Surtax-2018-Presentation

Recent media:

Georgia Straight: B.C. property surtax undermines cities and affordability

Business in Vancouver: Surtax undermines municipal tax base

Vancouver Sun: B.C. taxes need a ‘second look’


The BC Government has proposed a huge surtax onto property taxes for those assessed at over $3 million. It would substantially affect the City of Vancouver for both owners and renters, covering more properties over time.This would eventually affect everyone.

Be informed about this precedent and make your voice heard.

This is the letter sent to the province from the West Point Grey Residents Association and other information on the surtax below.

Sign the petition: Say no to new provincial surtax on property


Contact BC Province:

Send letters to Premier John Horgan and the BC government:

premier@gov.bc.ca ; john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca ; Carole.James.mla@leg.bc.ca ; FIN.minister@gov.bc.ca ; david.eby.mla@leg.bc.ca ; andrew.weaver.mla@leg.bc.ca ; greencaucus@leg.bc.ca

See media:

Canadian Property Taxes –

City of Vancouver currently has the highest property taxes in Canada


BC undermines municipal tax base and affordability

 http://vancouversun.com/ opinion/op-ed/elizabeth- murphy-b-c-undermines- municipal-tax-base-and- affordability 

or https://elizabethmurphyblog.wordpress.com/2018/03/10/bc-property-tax-surcharge/

‘School tax’ is confiscatory wealth tax on lifetime savers


NDP demonstrates irresponsibility and incompetence with new taxes http://theprovince.com/opinion/columnists/gordon-clark-ndp-demonstrates-irresponsibility-and-incompetence-with-new-taxes



Globe and Mail – Justine Hunter


The Province – Gordon Clark


Canadian Mortgage brokers Association of BC – Letter to Province

Click to access CMBAletter.pdf

Jonathan Rubenstein – Letter

Click to access JR.pdf

David Eby, MLA, Vancouver-Point Grey Letter to constituents


B.C. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson describes new school tax as a “dangerous precedent” Georgia Straight on April 26th, 2018


Andrew Wilkinson, MLA, Leader of the Opposition  – Letter


BC Greens leader Andrew Weaver

Vaughn Palmer: Weaver says new housing taxes more cash cow than crisis solver

Vancouver Sun Published on: May 3, 2018


Scrap the Surtax – website


Contact BC Province:

Send letters to Premier John Horgan and the BC government:

premier@gov.bc.ca ; john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca ; Carole.James.mla@leg.bc.ca ; FIN.minister@gov.bc.ca ; david.eby.mla@leg.bc.ca ; andrew.weaver.mla@leg.bc.ca ; greencaucus@leg.bc.ca


Update on Jericho Lands:

The Jericho Lands planning process is currently underway. WPGRA will be updating the community as the process unfolds. The WPGRA Survey results are submitted to the city as part of the community input. Thank you.


Have your say! Jericho Lands Survey

Redevelopment of the Jericho Lands, which are an integral part of the West Point Grey (WPG) neighbourhood, has the potential to transform the local community. A City of Vancouver planning process for both provincial and federal portions (as shown below) is expected to get underway in coming months. Consistent with the WPG Community Vision, approved by the City of Vancouver in 2010, local residents need to give early input to guide the Jericho Lands planning process. The following survey is intended to help the West Point Grey Residents Association (WPGRA) represent local perspectives.

JerichoLands-plan-colour-crop2The Jericho Lands are shown outlined in white above. Both the provincial side (on the left) and the federal side (on the right) are under consideration for development planning.

Download Survey Form Here 

Please note this is a file you can fill out on your computer. (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Some browsers will display the file on your screen, but won’t let you fill it out.  If this is the case for you then:

Download the file to your computer and then open it with Adobe Reader

When complete, save a copy and email it to us at info@wpgra.ca.


Survey Clarification:
Question 3. Types of Dwellings for Jericho Lands
For descriptions of housing types continue here.