Jericho Lands Development

Meeting Summary

Jericho Lands Development
Sponsored by the West Point Grey Residents Association

Public Information Meeting Wed. April 29that 7pm
Jericho Hill Gymnasium: 4180 West 4thAvenue

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Elizabeth Murphy, West Point Grey Residents Association

  • The audience of about 400 people were welcomed and the participating panel introduced. Going through a short powerpoint presentation, she outlined the directions in the West Point Grey Community Vision regarding the Jericho Lands and reviewed the agenda for the evening.

WPGRA Jericho Meeting

Chief Sparrow, Musqueam; Chief Campbell, Squamish; and Matt Thomas, Tsleil-Waututh First Nations

  • The three First Nations, the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations, as 50% co-owners and partners of Canada Lands Company for redevelopment of the former DND lands at Jericho, gave a short greeting each . It was followed by three short videos, one from each First Nation giving an introductory background about their people.

Robert Howald, Executive Vice President, Real Estate, Canada Lands Corporation

  • Robert Howald presented his powerpoint that outlined the historic joint venture agreement with the three First Nations as equal 50% partners in the development of the Jericho Lands, the easterly half formerly owned by the Department of National Defence.
  • He explained that Canada Lands will be the project manager and the Management Committee makes major decisions.
  • He gave a brief outline of the Canada Lands Company:
    • Self-financing, commercial Crown corporation, began operations in 1995
    • Receives no appropriations from government
    • Canada Lands’ main role is to optimize the financial and community value of acquired federal assets
    • Canada Lands is subject to all municipal authorities and works closely with municipal governments
    • Also holds and manages certain special purpose properties such as the CN Tower, Old Port of Montreal and Montreal Science Centre
  • CLC holds extensive consultations with the public and municipalities.
  • He gave a number of examples of previous projects and showed how they are financially viable, enhanced communities and are a lasting legacy.
  • He emphasised that CLC has reviewed the West Point Grey Community Vision, in particular direction 26.2 Jericho Lands Planning Process, and that CLC intends to have significant public consultation to determine the neighbourhood’s views and to have a plan for the site developed in consultation with the WPG community consistent with this direction.

Robert Howald – WPGRA

Deana Grinnell, Senior Director, Real Estate, Canada Land Company

  • Deana Grinnell explained that she has been newly recruited for the project. She is looking forward to establishing the project team and will be entering in a public consultation process in the fall of 2015.

David Eby, MLA, Vancouver – Point Grey

  • David Eby gave a powerpoint presentation on the Jericho Lands, emphasising the provincially owned westerly half.
  • He outlined how in the BC Legislature of July 2013 the government said that the province had not entered into any formal talks with First Nations, the city of Vancouver or other stakeholders and that there will be fulsome consultation if there is any further plans to do so. This was again confirmed on May 6, 2014 that nothing had changed.
  • However, on April 15, 2015 in the BC Legislature, Honorable A. Virk said, “In recent months we have begun to engage in more formal discussions. […] We’re happy to explore the opportunity with First Nations, should an offer eventually materialize.”

Eby: “Will the Minister consult with the community before disposing of this land?”

Virk: “Local government is responsible for all land use decisions and will certainly employ all … processes they have. That’s when the extensive community consultations would occur.”

  • David Eby explained the importance of consultation before the sale:
    • The agency or developer sold to will shape the final development profoundly.
    • Public amenities and flow between the two parcels should be decided before, not after, sale as they will shape the fair market price for the lots.
    • Timing of the sale, and mode of sale (parcels or the whole thing) will shape the development .
    • Consultation makes it possible to avoid costly mistakes.
  • He emphasised the importance of people to contact the provincial government to request that consultation come before the sale.

David Eby – Jericho reference document

David Eby – Jericho slide presentation

Michael Robinson, Real Properties Division, Province of BC

  • Michael Robinson gave a short presentation on the provincially owned Jericho Lands, saying that there were no formal discussions underway with First Nations and that no date for talks had been set. This was a positive move forward from the recent comments in the legislature by his Minister, Amrik Virk, that BC was in “formal” talks with First Nations about the property.
  • Michael Robinson said that there would be consultation but was not specific on what form that would take or when it would be.

Audience Questions:
Jennifer Fahrni, West Point Grey Residents Association, moderated questions from the audience.

Thanks and closing:
Lies Botman, West Point Grey Residents Association, thanked all participants, handed out gifts to the panel and closed the meeting.

Thanks were also given to the West Point Grey Community Centre and the West Point Grey Academy for the use of the gym, with particular thanks to the Academy’s Tam Matthews and his staff’s help in preparing the venue and the audiovisual equipment.

Meeting was closed at 9:00 pm.


For flyer download in PDF click here: wpgra-thumbnail

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