Queen Mary School Demolition

Queen Mary Elementary School

1926 Art Deco Building demolished

The West Point Grey Queen Mary Elementary School 1926 Art Deco building was demolished this week. The Vancouver School Board (VSB) has reduced the size of the local elementary school by demolishing the heritage building which now will be undersized by the time the building is complete later this year.

The VSB have refused to consider the upcoming redevelopment of the adjacent Jericho Lands when planning in 2011 for the seismic upgrade and rebuilding of the school. The WPG community was strongly in support of keeping both heritage buildings, the 1914 red brick and the 1926 Art Deco. But in a remarkable lack of foresight, the VSB refused to consider keeping both buildings to allow for future expansion requirements for the Jericho Lands.

The following photos were taken February 3-5, 2016.

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